About You

Parents come to me wondering why their child isn’t talking, interacting or playing with them. They’re finding it hard to enjoy time together, while their child seems to prefer time alone. This can be hardest for first-time parents, who can’t know for sure when to get help.

You might already feel let down by the system, with your child stuck on a waiting list.

It’s likely you’ve felt ignored, being told not to worry and that things will develop in time.

You may also be worried about things you’ve read online while trying to work out why your child has attention issues or a lack of social skills.

One of the best things about working with Alyssa is that she makes parents inclusive in the therapy and tailors her approach to make it highly individual.

About me

I have a different approach from most speech and language therapists.

I’m a great listener, and I enjoy working with parents and carers as much as I love working with children. Parents and grandparents have even said it’s like therapy for them too.

I will involve you in play-based therapy in my specially customised play room. 

We will have fun together while helping your child

I'll take your whole family into account

I'll customise my approach to your lifestyle, activities and schedule.

I'll teach you ways to build habits into your everyday life

I'll constantly be helping your child to make improvements, gain confidence, enjoy life, and learn how to feel involved and recognised.

Alyssa is outstanding in every sense of the word. She is thorough, understanding and knowledgeable to meet the needs of a child as an individual.

My approach is completely non-critical. I’m sensitive and caring, and I’ll take time to reassure you about the various causes for speech and language issues.

I am highly qualified, including a master’s degree, with research published on ADHD and language impairments.

More important than that, I have 20 years’ experience in working with children, and I am completely consistent and reliable. If for any reason I’m not the best person to help your child, I will be honest and refer you to another specialist.

About my premises

I work entirely from my own play therapy room. This has been specially customised, with toys chosen and located to optimise children’s development. It will also give you ideas for improving your own setting to help with your child’s progress.

Some children can feel intimidated before visiting a new setting. Oftentimes once they get stuck in, they don’t want to leave! Children soon start to look forward to special time out in my play therapy room.  

These photos will give you and your child some idea of what to expect.

Please note: My therapy sessions will only be at my premises and during office/school hours. If you can’t take time out during office hours, a carer or grandparent is very welcome to attend with your child.

My play therapy room is in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire. See my frequently asked questions for my therapy room address and business hours.