Speech Clarity


Parents often tell me that their child understands everything but is becoming frustrated that they can’t say what they want or what’s wrong.

You might not be able to understand what your child says because they sound unclear. Or you might know what they are saying, but their speech doesn’t sound quite right. It’s likely you’re worried about how this will affect their development and social interactions.

Through play therapy in a relaxed setting, I will assess and diagnose your child and give you reassurance. I’ll create a treatment plan, and together we will decide on the best ways to work on tasks at home to improve your child’s communication skills.

Alyssa is a highly skilled, empathetic and child focused speech therapist … G loves his sessions with her. She used a variety of prompts and other techniques in order to encourage him without overwhelming him and within one month we started to hear the difference. G is now comfortably hitting the speech targets for his age … We feel so lucky that she has been a part of his life and development.

The number of sessions will depend on your child’s individual challenges and experiences. My goal will be to enable your child to become more communicative and confident, helping their development and reducing frustration on both sides.

My son (age 3) had a pronounced frontal lisp, prior to working with Alyssa we felt we had a long road ahead of us to help him correct this. We have been absolutely amazed by the progress he has made in just four sessions with Alyssa. He no longer has a lisp! I highly recommend Alyssa, she made each session fun for my son and he really enjoyed coming to see her, even though some of the work was quite challenging for him. Alyssa was always incredibly engaging with him and the progress he has made speaks volumes for how amazing she is at what she does! We have been given lots of advice to carry on with at home and can contact her at anytime if we feel we need another session to keep us on the right track. We are so happy we took the decision to contact Alyssa because it has made such a difference to us and our son’s speech! Thank you, two very happy parents here!