• I start the first session with a language assessment, appraising your child’s communication and play skills. During this time I will find exactly where we need to start in order to make the biggest impact on your child’s language.

      • I encourage a parent or carer to be present so I can demonstrate and explain my techniques. You will then know where to start with your child at home, what to do, and how to build my techniques into your own daily routines.

      • We will have a discussion about my findings and start work on the necessary areas of communication.

    This session costs £250.

    Please see below for details on all follow-up sessions.


        • I start the first session with an assessment.

        • Within the first session, I start working with your child to help them work towards clearer speech.

        • Together we review how to work on your child’s sounds and patterns so you understand how to work on speech at home and improve your child’s clarity.

      This initial session costs £175.

      Please see below for details on all follow-up sessions.


      After the first session for late talkers or speech clarity (see details and fees above), all follow-up sessions are charged according to the child’s needs and what I can offer within a term.  I offer varying levels of support which creates a range of choices for you to choose for your child.


      I work with you to decide on the ideal frequency, depending on the speech and language issue and how much support you need.