Late Talkers


Delays in speech development are common, although it’s likely you don’t know other parents facing the same issues as you. It can be very hard not to feel worried or guilty, even though you haven’t caused this situation.

A speech delay is when a child’s speech and language doesn’t develop at an expected rate. Speech delays affect about 10% of preschool children. Late talkers also can lack other essential skills – the building blocks of confidence and social development.

I will help you if your child hasn’t yet started talking or doesn’t engage fully with you. We’ll work together through play, in a relaxed setting. I will demonstrate and explain my techniques so you can build them into your own daily routine.

Alyssa can identify what difficulties a child might have as well as what areas of learning would be useful to develop. She then helps the child to reach that goal.

You may have recognised other issues, including your child not playing with you or with toys, seeming tuned out, and wanting to spend time alone. They will likely express frustration through tantrums, crying, hitting or throwing things.

This is sometimes related to autism. If I recognise those signs, we will discuss this. Whatever the cause, I will help your child to make improvements in all the essential engagement skills, including talking. My goal will be for your child to become more attentive and interactive, sharing events, laughing with you and playing with toys.

Our daughter started speech therapy with Alyssa mid 2022. At the time our daughter was unable to articulate herself and used hand gestures to communicate.
Alyssa’s interaction with our daughter during the sessions along with her recommendations has enabled our daughter to communicate by using words and becoming more articulate.
We feel Alyssa is able to connect with a child by working alongside their emotional needs and applying methods which suit the child. The room the sessions take place in is a calm environment which is perfect for our daughter who has autism.
I highly recommend Alyssa based on our own experience and results. Alyssa’s approach and skillset is second to none.
Thank you very much for all your hard work.
Mr & Mrs Sandhu (Warwickshire)