“Alyssa is outstanding in every sense of the word. She is thorough, understanding and knowledgeable to meet the needs of a child as an individual. Aside from being a great speech therapist she is kind and passionate about helping the children she works with and for me that’s crucial. She has really helped my child speak and I shall be forever grateful for her hard work.”

“Alyssa has been working with our two year old “G” since March 2016 however she was known to us previously having done some work with our middle child to correct his lisp. G’s speech and articulation were a little behind for his age and we wanted to avoid him becoming frustrated. Alyssa is a highly skilled, empathetic and child focused speech therapist. She has a wonderfully warm and friendly approach and G loves his sessions with her. She used a variety of prompts and other techniques in order to encourage him without overwhelming him and within one month we started to hear the difference. G is now comfortably hitting the speech targets for his age. Alyssa is excellent about reporting back and charting progress. We feel so lucky that she has been a part of his life and development, we could not recommend her more highly.”

“Alyssa is delightful. From the moment my daughter “H” and I met her we felt comfortable in her presence. After one  session, I left feeling very positive that I had at last found someone who could help my daughter.

Our sessions are jam packed with fun toys and games that enabled Alyssa to effectively interact with H.

In addition to our sessions, Alyssa has sent me videos to watch, and information to read. All of which have been specific and relevant to my daughters requirements. Alyssa’s advice and guidance has enabled me to interact with my daughter in a way that gets the best out of our everyday activities in order to encourage her understanding and expression of speech.

When I have needed advice or had concerns regarding my daughters speech, Alyssa has been just what I have needed on the end of a telephone. Alyssa is a caring professional with an empathetic ear and a big heart.”

“My son has been working with Alyssa due to delayed Speech. Alyssa is extremely knowledgeable and her approach is to predominantly work through play, which he has responded so well to. It means that the strategies she uses can also be used at home and are easy to replicate. One of the best things about working with Alyssa is that she makes parents inclusive in the therapy and tailors her approach to make it highly individual. For example, bringing in movement games as this was something my son enjoyed.  I would definitely recommend Alyssa to other families who require speech therapy for their children as her approach is enjoyable for the child (rather than feeling like testing or work) whilst having a significant impact on the development of both my son’s speech and his understanding of language.”

“Alyssa is always full of energy and smiling. M in turn is delighted to see Alyssa and cannot wait to spend some special time with her. While the two of them have had a lot of fun playing M has also been practicing making the sound ‘th’ in some form of game such as memory or looking at a picture with objects that start or end with a ‘th’. Alyssa debriefs me in a few minutes with many positive things to say about their session. She sometimes has some extra work having to do with the ‘th’ sound or something else that she has been working on with M. This always gives me the option to do extra work with M during the week without involving the effort of finding these resources on my own.

Alyssa originally saw my eldest son, F, who I thought might have difficulty with English as we are a bilingual family. She quickly moved beyond bringing him up to speed with his English and started to help him to articulate his thoughts in different ways. Alyssa discussed different topics with him and began to build up his database of vocabulary. In order to develop this area she often had pictures which had to be linked together with regard to a similar theme. Sometimes my son would order different pictures or classify objects based on a theme. Alyssa helped F learn to link different concepts or ideas and worked with him to develop the ability to articulate his thoughts. Alyssa has been wonderful for our family. As I have no background in speech therapy I feel very lucky to have someone like Alyssa working with us on this aspect of our children’s education. While the teachers in school are aware of major speech difficulties it is the parents’ job to see that their children develop adequate ability to convey their point of view in different settings. However, in a family setting sometimes it is harder to notice if a child is having difficulty with pronunciation or if a child lacks specific pieces of knowledge. Alyssa can identify what difficulties a child might have as well as what areas of learning would be useful to develop. She then helps the child to reach that goal.”

“Can’t thank you enough for all the support and structure you’ve provided”

“Alyssa was so helpful to us when our son was diagnosed with a speech delay. She gave us helpful strategies to use at home from day 1. Highly recommend!”

“Our daughter started speech therapy with Alyssa mid 2022. At the time our daughter was unable to articulate herself and used hand gestures to communicate.

Alyssa’s interaction with our daughter during the sessions along with her recommendations has enabled our daughter to communicate by using words and becoming more articulate.

We feel Alyssa is able to connect with a child by working alongside their emotional needs and applying methods which suit the child. The room the sessions take place in is a calm environment which is perfect for our daughter who has autism.

I highly recommend Alyssa based on our own experience and results. Alyssa’s approach and skillset is second to none.

Thank you very much for all your hard work.

Mr & Mrs Sandhu (Warwickshire)”